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Wouldn’t it be great if Michael Jackson’s kids were in some scandals? Unfortunately, they’re not. They actually seem like they’re doing pretty well by the looks of things. Prince Jackson has been posting pictures to his Twitter account, mostly of snakes he keeps in his room. At one point, he jokes that his room is starting to look like “Jurassic Park.” Prince is 17, almost 18, and his photos are all marked by the same thing: he’s smiling. Widely. For a teenager, that’s a lot. Good for him.

Debbie Rowe recently posted two photos to Facebook, presumably that she’s taken or has been given. Prince and Paris’s mother posted one photo of Prince and Paris, and another of Blanket, also smiling, with a pet snake. Paris is smiling, too. It seems like everyone is relatively happy. Too bad for the tabloids! It’s nice to see that Debbie and all the kids are getting along so well. That’s what everyone wants for them, I’m sure.

paris and prince jacksonblanket jackson with snake

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  1. So all I got from this article is that the sleazebag that wrote it is rooting for these three kids who have been through unbelievable pain to have more drama and get into trouble. Wow.

  2. It’s incredible that those kids are able to live a relatively normal life since their Dad died.
    The press hounded him for decades wherever he went, wrote some scandalous lies (with some truth thrown in from time to time) and made his life a misery, ultimately leading to difficulty sleeping and an untimely death.
    The Jackson’s have done a good job of keeping the kids sheltered for the most part, especially after Paris’ self harming.
    Jackson used masks to hide their identity, therefore allowing them to walk free and undetected with their minders when he wasn’t with them and according to those who knew them all did a great job raising them with good manners and a great outlook on life.

    I only hope that all the wealth that comes with inheriting their father’s estate doesn’t destry them in later life. The vultures will be circling, that’s for sure.

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