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The novelty of “The Interview” may be over. The Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy that’s caused so much trouble expanded this weekend to 581 theaters. But the total take Friday-Sunday is just $1.085 million, bringing the theatrical total to $4.9 million. The big party with Kim Jong Un looks like it’s trailing off. I would guess the more people see it, the more they tell their friends “Ehhh. It’s not so funny.”

Maybe “The Interview” did better on its digital platforms. But the big excitement is done. By comparison, it’s doing about as well as “Theory of Everything,” a much better reviewed film, an Oscar buzzed release that’s already been in theaters for 9 weeks and is playing in just a few more theaters. And it’s not doing nearly as well as “The Imitation Game,” playing in 754 theaters, which made $8.1 million over the weekend.

Meanwhile, both “American Sniper” and “Selma” are booming in limited release. “Sniper” has made over $2 million still playing in just 4 theaters. “Selma” also has $2 million, in just 22 theaters. Those are clever release patterns. Warners and Paramount, respectively, are waiting til the Golden Globes before they go wide.

Two other Oscar tipped films, “Unbroken” and “Into the Woods” are each heading to the $100 million mark nicely, and deservedly so.

And the number 1 movie is “The Hobbit: That’s Enough Already” with $220 million US and $700 million worldwide.

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