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Al Roker just interviewed Angelina Jolie about Unbroken, an NBC Universal movie. At the end he said “We asked her about the Sony hacking scandal including emails between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin about her, and she politely declined to answer.”

Really? Two weeks ago the Today show cancelled their interview with Amy Adams, after she’d arrived for a live spot, when she said she wasn’t comfortable talking about the scandal.

Of course, Amy’s movie wasn’t from Universal, the parent company of NBC.

Whoops! Double standard?

Also, Angelina’s interview, you know, was taped and edited. She didn’t have to get up at some ungodly hour to promote her film, “Big Eyes.”

Let’s not forget, Angelina was actually part of the emails that were hacked. Amy Adams had nothing at all to do with them. So it was actually more pertinent to get Jolie’s take.

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  1. Actually, within the hacked Sony emails was correspondence between Michael Lynton and Jonathan Alter about an incident between volatile director David O’Russell and Amy and his alleged abusive behavior towards her. So one could easily imagine that Amy was uncomfortable at the prospect of possibly having to comment on what happened during production of American Hustle.

  2. she was mentioned in the hackings where they said she and Jennifer Lawrance got paid less than their costars in American Husstle, that is what she didnt want to talk to them about, they are the idiots these two women dont have to talk about it if they dont want to.

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