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Christmas weekend is over and the numbers are in: Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken” took in $48 million and won hands down. In its very small release– just 4 theatres– Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” raked in a whopping $850,000. Each is a very American movie, and very very good despite efforts from all sides to snark them down.

Meanwhile, the final “Hobbit” movie picked up steam after a slow start and now has $168 million in the bank. After running behind its predecessors, “Hobbit” is now ahead of them. The Tolkien gang took a few moments before it was energized. Both “Sniper” and “Hobbit” are from Warner Bros. where co-chief Sue Kroll is her very own Lord of the Ring. She works magic.

With “Sniper,” Bradley Cooper keeps looming larger for an Oscar nom. I told you this 10 days ago.

And what about “The Interview”? In 330 theaters it made $2.85 million. Most of it came on Thursday, opening day. Every day since has shown a decrease as word of mouth spread. Who knows about the digital side? It’s number 2 at the Google Play store.

And keep an eye on “Selma”: the most important movie of the year scored $912,000 in 19 theaters from Thursday to Sunday. The big roll out isn’t until mid January. Very exciting.

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