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So this was what? Like the Ebola scare? Remember how before Thanksgiving all you heard about was Ebola wiping us off the planet? Then…nothing. For two weeks we heard that North Korea and/or the Guardians of Peace were going to blow up movie theaters if “The Interview.” came out. Well, yesterday the movie played in 300 theaters, was downloaded legally and illegally, made about a million bucks and got bad reviews.

And? And? Nothing. Silence. Peace on Earth. Not a word from anyone. No messages of doom from even the PTA or the real GOP, let alone North Korea. The hysteria is over. Sony execs have been duly embarrassed by their emails. Cynics think Sony is behind the whole thing. Other cynics think some ex-Sony person or someone who had it in for them hired hackers and made it look like it was coming from North Korea.

It’s the end of another ridiculous non story. “The Interview” was going to get bad reviews. This way, those reviews don’t matter. Everyone can watch it. Sony will write down the cost of the movie and put it behind them. Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, and Denzel Washington won’t talk to them for a while. But in the end, everything will go back to normal in Hollywood. Just rent “S.O.B.” or “The Player.” You could denounce someone’s grandmother in Hollywood, but if you have a good script with a top actor attached, the grandson will be at lunch tomorrow. Grandma be damned.

As for Kim Jong Un: if he plays his cards right he’s going to get a lot of action this weekend. He’s a star.

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