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Madonna has been hacked and is leaking once again. She needs Depends at this point! Fourteen more tracks are somewhere on the internet — I haven’t heard them yet. One features Pharrell, of course. Is this the work of a villain? North Korea? Sony? Guardians of Peace? The actual GOP? It’s hard to believe that after the first batch of songs leaked, and were “rushed” onto iTunes, more security measures weren’t in place. I guess next week we get the next batch on iTunes. And so on. Where are all the emails between Amy Pascal and Madonna re: Kabbalah? That’s next!

Tracklist, courtesy of website Idolator:
tracks leaked today:

— Iconic
— Veni Vidi Vici
— Beautiful Scars
— Freedom
— God Is Love
— Hold Tight
— Best Night
— Inside Out
— Tragic Girl
— Nothing Lasts Forever
— Holy Water
— Graffiti Heart
— Body Shop
— Back That Up (Do It) feat. Pharrell

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Tell him you want to hear “Matador” and “Original Sin”:


Garland Jefferys – “Original Lust” from Impossible NYC on Vimeo.

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