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Savvy Madonna and her manager Guy Oseary– they’ve made their “Rebel Heart” album number 1 on iTunes even though it can only be pre-ordered until its release 11 weeks.

And the six tracks from “Rebel Heart” that became available Saturday at midnight? They are all in the iTunes top 20, with one of them at number 7.

So listen, this wasn’t accomplished in 24 hours. When Madonna’s tracks were “leaked” it came from her camp as part of a marketing plan. When she scolded fans on Instagram, that was part of the plan.

There’s no such as a coincidence, you know.

Give her credit. Madonna and Oseary had to do something unusual after the “MDNA” dud followed a couple of failed albums. Oseary just recently had another surprise for music fans with the U2-Apple deal in which that album —
Songs of Innocence”– was shoved down the throats of millions of people.

Meanwhile, Beyonce can take credit for starting the Surprise Release trend.

How long can Madonna hold at number 1? Eleven weeks is a long time. She’ll drop out and down, and then she’ll be back. But she’s certainly gotten everyone’s attention. Good move.

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