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It’s a good thing this is the last “Hobbit” movie. “Battle of the Five Armies” should have been called “Take Five.” Numero three is running $23 million behind “The Desolation of Smaug” and even more lag from the first “Hobbit” movie. After six Tolkien movies, audiences are finally exhausted. Apparently so is this thin story stretched over three films. People are having Middle Earth fatigue.

After its third day of release, the “Unexpected Journey” had made around $85 mil compared to “Armies” $50 million. “Smaug” had about $73 million comparably. Please God, there’s no origins movie or biopic about Tolkien, or heaven forbid, a reboot of the whole thing with Adam Driver as Frodo.

Meantime, Sony suffers. “Annie” made $5.3 million in its very wide opening. Unless it really improves Saturday and Sunday afternoon with kid and family audiences, this will be a bust. The sun will not come out on Monday.

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