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Forget Kim Jong Un. Seth Rogen and James Franco’s comedy “The Interview” has far more shocking revelations than anything about North Korea. Rapper Eminem and actor Rob Lowe appear in hilarious cameos as guests — playing themselves– of Franco’s celebrity interviewer Dave Skylark.

Lowe reveals on Skylark’s show that he’s actually bald. He removes a wig and shows off a few strands of dark hair. Skylark tells him, “It’s not so bad.”

****************SPOILER ALERT***********

But it’s Eminem that gets all the laughs. Skylark asks him about his numerous homophobic lyrics and remarks. Eminem explains: “That’s because I’m gay. I like men. I can’t believe people didn’t pick up on that.” Marshall Mathers says it all with a straight face, matter of factly  with a priceless deadpan delivery.

That’s what “The Interview” is all about. It’s completely silly and as far removed from reality as it could be. Yes, Kim Jong Un is presumably killed when a train explodes. But it’s a comic moment after 90 minutes of Randall Park playing a genteel and somewhat loveable Korean dictator. In fact, when he does presumably die, a lot of the film does, too. North Koreans are probably not gifted in nuance. But somehow Kim Jong Un comes off as sympathetic, not menacing.

I hope Eminem wasn’t expected a marketing push from “The Interview.” The movie is likely being postponed. Maybe forever.

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