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That’s really a wrap for The Interview. I count myself lucky to have seen it back on December 10th. Because now Sony says there will be no DVD or Video on Demand. They’re just putting it away in a vault. What??? Terrorists really won this round. What happens when people from other countries– say the Russians or Chinese– are villains in a movie? Will their cyber hackers be our editorial board? And what’s the role of the Japanese who own Sony? There are lot of unanswered questions.

So the public will never get to see a sensitive Kim Jong Un in a bromance with James Franco’s Dave Skylark. What a shame. Randall Park must be crushed. He is hilarious as Kim Jong Un, particularly when he’s in thrall to Katy Perry’s “Firework” song. It’s used many times, not just when he’s assassinated. Kim in this movie is a BIG Katy Perry fan. Sony had to clear all that music and pay for it, and now it’s for nothing. Oy vey.

More on “The Interview” in the morning…

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