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That’s a wrap on “The Interview.” It will likely be pulled from its December 25th release and held until next year. Landmark Theaters put the kibosh on Thursday’s New York premiere following Carmike Theatres cancelling their run in 284 theatres. I told you the School of Visual Arts cancelled its free screening for Tuesday night. It’s only a few hours until Sony announces “The Interview” will come back one day when all this passes.

Fox had to do this last year when Ben Stiller’s comedy “Neighborwood Watch” by accident came too close to the Trayvon Martin story in real life. The movie was retitled “The Watch” and bombed months later.

So the villains, so to speak, have won. Sony can’t take the chance of any trouble on Christmas Day. Whoever is hacking and threatening them knows this.

Hindsight is 20/20 but you do wonder why, when trouble was first brewing months ago, they didn’t just change the ending of “The Interview” so Kim Jong Un wasn’t assassinated. He’s such a likeable character for most of the movie, he could have moved to Hollywood with Franco and Rogen. Oh well. Too late now.

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