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Ridley Scott’s “Exodus” didn’t bring as many fans into theatres as producers might have hoped. You could say it caused an Exodus! Fox reported $24.5 million today for the first weekend, with a huge drop from Saturday to Sunday. When the real numbers come in late tomorrow, expect “Exodus” to be even a little lower. On RottenTomatoes, the film is at an astonishingly 27%. And that’s instructive since review embargoes kept it at 44% for a while. But the bottom dropped out, and the audience smelled a stinker even if it was late.

The failure of “Exodus”– and it’s a bust, just wait til the drop off next week– bodes poorly for the end of the year. Aside from the final “Hobbit” there is no destination movie for Christmas-New Year’s. It’s really dismal. All of the Oscar movies are pretty much out, except for “American Sniper” and “Unbroken.” We’ll see how they do. The latter should bring out audiences. With “Sniper,” I wish they had a November release date. But it should click in January.

What I would see on Christmas day: Whiplash. St. Vincent. Paddington. Rent “Chef.”

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