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Everyone’s so excited about Scott Rudin’s emails in the Sony hacking scandal. He called Angelina Jolie a spoiled brat. Big deal! You should see the emails I get from Scott Rudin. He is legendary for pushing ‘send’ before thinking.

Back in 1998 he sent Paramount Pictures publicist Allison Jackson a memo that was leaked everywhere. This is what it said: “The only thing separating my hands from your neck is the fact that there are three thousand miles between us.” This was because he didn’t like the way she was handling the premiere of “The Truman Show.”

Rudin continued:

“Be aware that this is the last movie of mine you will have anything to do with because the prospect of having to go through another one of these events with you makes my skin crawl.”

He said she was nothing but “a hostess, nothing more; you create nothing of value except hors d’oeuvres and guest lists. You’re not even smart enough to know who not to offend. You may have kissed enough ass to get you to where you are but . . . you’ve got a lot to learn.”

Jackson went on to do many other projects for Rudin’s films, and her big client nowadays is Paul Allen. So there.

At least he didn’t threaten to strangle Angie!

I don’t know why all these emails are taken seriously. If you go back to Julia Phillips’s classic “You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again” you’ll find that everyone eats lunch in this town again. Murderers walk free. Grandmothers are sold down the river for rights to a good project. And grandchildren too!


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