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The clip isn’t up yet but when it is look for a classic two segment verbal arm wrestle between Kelly Ripa and Joaquin Phoenix. West coasters, don’t miss this. Kelly is one tough cookie, and she did her best to host Joaquin, one of the most difficult interview subjects in the world.

Ripa gamely tried to find out if Phoenix is really engaged to his yoga instructor. But he fudged that answer. So she asked if he does yoga. He had to admit that he doesn’t. Knowing Joaquin he made the whole thing up to some poor interviewer just to take the piss, as the Brits say. He was pulling someone’s leg.

Joaquin also parried with Ripa on other subjects. Michael Strahan actually got up and hugged him at one point. Kelly said she thought Joaquin’s character in “Inherent Vice” was on an acid trip, which the actor denied. Kelly, like everyone else in the world, has no idea what this movie is about. Mostly Joaquin asked when the commercial break was coming. Sue Patricola must have been in green room, popping Xanax or having a Cosmo. The Joaquin Phoenix Show is in town, baby.

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