Well, well. Yes, “Mockingjay” is number 1 again. Who cares? The big news is that “St. Vincent” will cross the $40 million line this weekend. Bill Murray’s beautiful performance leads a big cast including Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts, through a very likeable, smart comedy.

When we saw this in Toronto, I had plenty of predictions of Murray for an Oscar, etc. Snark bloggers (‘the pajama people,” a friend of mine calls them) tried to wreck it. But “St. Vincent” is very appealing, and obviously audiences love it. I don’t see why Theodore Melfi’s sweet, sweet film won’t get a Golden Globe in comedy/musical. It’s also right on the for SAG Best Ensemble.

Don’t count Bill Murray out either. Right now the Oscar race for Best Actor is volatile. The two Brits– Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne– are in. David Oyelowo has to be third, for “Selma.” Fourth place could be Steve Carell, so good in “Foxcatcher.” And then? Michael Keaton? Maybe. Bradley Cooper is exceptional in “American Sniper.” And then there’s Murray. He has a lot of good will, and box office numbers on his side.

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