Home Celebrity Bill Cosby: Hundreds of This Saturday’s Ticket Holders Have Applied for Refunds

Bill Cosby is sinking, and without a word. More than two thirds of the people who bought tickets for his shows this Saturday have asked for refunds. The two shows are at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Westchester, New York. The Hall seats 843 people at capacity. Before the rape and drug scandal, the tickets were sold out. But theater management offered refunds to anyone who wanted to cancel their tickets. For the 4pm show, 329 people have canceled so far. For the 7pm, it’s 359.

Cosby will face a lot of empty seats in Tarrytown. But so far he’s said nothing in his own defense. On top of that, he resigned Monday from the Board of Trustees of Temple University. Last week, UMass Amherst severed ties with him. Cosby has always been about education, and a revered figure among teachers and educators. These two episodes are earth-shaking.

The Tarrytown situation is on going. By Friday, the theater may be really empty. We’ll stay on top of it….




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