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Once there was a time when an interminable record called “With Arms Wide Open” was on the radio day and night. Creed was the group, Scott Stapp was the singer. They had some more minor hits and faded away. Now Stapp is in the news again. He’s declared himself homeless and penniless despite having just finished a small solo tour. His wife put him in a psychiatric hold even though she’s apparently divorcing him.

Stapp– who reportedly has major drug and alcohol issues– tried to commit suicide in 2013 by throwing himself off a building. He fractured his skull. He wrote a book about the suicide attempt and being a Christian rock star. Then he made a video called “Slow Suicide”–name of a song, really — and re-enacted his hospital adventure.

Now Stapp is issuing bizarre videos on YouTube. He seems paranoid, although this is rock and roll– he’s probably owed a ton of money from someone. We do learn that Stapp’s son is named Jagger. But this shows no understanding of Mick Jagger, really. The biggest rock star in the world cuts bait and moves on. There’s none of this hand-wringing. Stapp’s next move would be to date Amanda Bynes (Just kidding!)

Here’s the hit. Creed will not be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, obviously.

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