Home Media Rupert Murdoch Defends Moses Movie Casting: “Since When Are Egyptians Not White?”

Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter tonight to defend 20th Century Fox’s new movie “Exodus” that casts Christian Bale as Moses, and a variety of white actors as Egyptians. There’s been scuffle on Twitter ever since Murdoch made his observations. And a lot of this stems from a quote director Ridley Scott gave Variety about why he didn’t use Egyptian or Arab actors for the film. He said: “I can’t mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such,” Scott says. “I’m just not going to get it financed. So the question doesn’t even come up.”
The other main characters are played by Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, John Turturro, and Aaron Paul. It’s a little odd that, according to the imdb, black actors only seem to be playing “lower class civilians and a thief. But this is Hollywood. And this from the same company that released “12 Years a Slave.”

Now here are Murdoch’s comments:

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  1. They weren’t white or black. Both sides are guilty of wishful thinking. Look at their art and their actions. Blacks were slaves and whites were the insatiable killers from over the sea.

  2. Egyptians were not white. Supposedly the way the archeologist could tell them from the Semitics in the art work of the time is that the Egyptians were always much darker- a very dark brown. The Hebrews were depicted as “white.”

  3. I love when racist libs get caught up with each other in their own politically correct racewars! I am hoping for continued entertainment from some lawsuits!

  4. I think it is stupid nonsense, we need to address real issues, race is small potatoes in the real world. Only the greedy insure babies are focused on this non issue.. The greedy cause they were not hired and given SPECIAL TREATMENT cause they were BORN. Insure babies, just never happy cannot solve these insecure and never will. People will always want what others have that they perceive as better then what they got.

    Frigging grow up already !

  5. This movie is obviously a massive FAKE, and is RACIST. No historical accuracy whatsoever. There is NO mention of the Gao’uld, it’s like the racist director just wrote them out of history. There was not even an attempt to put in a token bit actor! All the actors were Tau’ri. Totally racist, and totally fake. No blast-staffs, and no crystal power systems. And even ONE Death Glider would have made short work of the mass escape attempt.

    Movies that deal in total fantasy should be labeled as such.

  6. Wow so Egypt is in Africa but nobody in Egypt is actually Black? Now I want you to think about how dumb that sounds. Africa is predominately Black continent, most people living their are of a darker skin color..

  7. Blacks are constantly trying to change history, to show they are “equal” to white accomplishments. I guess this feeling of inferiority must have started when they sold their own people to the European slave traders.

  8. What do I think? I think our schools, including some of our universities, should stop teaching that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans. It’s a lie and no amount of feel good political correctness can change the thousands of years of Egyptian history. Why listen to me? Ask the Egyptian people if they think they are black? Ask the Egyptian people if their ancestors were black Africans? No one will ask that question because it would offend most Egyptians. Blacks are at the bottom of the social classes in Egypt. There is a great deal of prejudice against blacks, not only in Egypt but in all the Arab countries. Remember, these are the same Arabs that enslaved blacks for thousands of years. Some still hold blacks in slavery today. The Arab Muslims of the Sudan are still killing the black Christians. It is not just that they are Christians that the Arabs want to kill them all, it is also because they are black. The Sudanese do not want them in their country and see nothing wrong in killing them all.

  9. King Tut’s DNA matched 70% of Europeans.

    Indo-Europeans and Old Mediterranean Caucasians inundated the area during times of 0pyramid building.

    To say a few blacks slaves were “Egyptians” is the height of ignorance.

    The people in Egypt today are the heirs to the darker Arabic hordes who moved into the area later on, not the original inhabitants.

    Because blacks are trying to steal other people’s history does not make them the original inhabitants. Nubia was conquered in battle by the Egyptians many times with thousands brought back and sold into slavery.

    To say otherwise just shows the ignorance of people claiming such nonsense.

    A people with an average group I.Q. of 68 cannot build anything, least of all a pyramid.

    This is the age of liars.

  10. Oh my, how historically accurate does anyone think or believe this piece of work will be anyway? My goodness people it’s a movie. Made to entertain, nothing else. Let Akvan or whomever else make their oun movies. The only reason most go to movies today are for the special effects anyway. Who cares.

  11. Since when are Egyptians not white? Since ancient times when they referred to themselves as the r”ed race”. They depicted Greeks as white in their murals, Arabs as yellow, subSaharan Africans as black and themselves as red.

  12. I just replied, and got booted out. Whatshoemean?

    I had asked about “What do you think?” and I’m asking about what? Tom Cruise, Roger Friedman? Wasn’t the Moses and son in the original Ten Commandments WHITE? Looked like it to me.

  13. Much to do about nothing. The hypersensitive grievance segment of society wants its narrative to prevail always. To them ancient Egyptians must have been black and all their marvelous inventions and feats of engineering are a proud legacy. Get a life. you picky PC critics…or simply do not go to the movie.

  14. Can you imagine a white man playing the part of a black god??? No, yet in the movie THOR a black man plays in the role of Heimdall one of the Æsir (gods) in Norse mythology, called the “whitest of the gods”. Heimdall is the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, and thereby the link between Midgard and Asgard. Legends foretell that he will sound the Gjallarhorn, alerting the Æsir to the onset of Ragnarök where the world ends and is reborn.

  15. Rupert Murdock is right. This black insist on being treated special thing does not work, actually brings resentment from other hardworking citizens tax payers of all other colors.

  16. They are Arabs NOW, because the Arabs invaded North Africa. The original Egyptians were White. Mummies have skulls like Europeans and blond and red hair. Yes, there were also Blacks brought in as slaves, and in time there were race-mixed pharaohs – coincidentally in the time when Egypt’s fortunes were going down, when “a man could not leave his house without bringing his shield” as an Egyptian writer wrote. This was a temporary state however, as White pharaohs came back to the throne. And later we had Cleopatra, who was of pure Greek descent. She was in fact the only one of the House of Ptolemai who even learned to speak Egyptian, as the others spoke Greek.

  17. Egyptians are not white. For a few hundred years, the pharaoh was white/Greek, due to Alexander’s conquest of Egypt. The people were NEVER white. Murdoch is playing the idiot, not for the first time. Whatever makes him more money. People are idiots to believe him instead of history.

  18. ▌ ▌ ▌ The dna tests of the royal mummies of egypt have been released by: dna tribes even the king tut mummy and all royal mummies are classified as negroid skeletal remains! !! Ancient egyptian was negroïd this movie is a fraude read the dna test results of king tut and find out he was negroïd : http://www.dnatribes.com/dnatribes-digest-2012-01-01.pdf and read here that the ramses 3 mummy also was negroid by dna test : http://www.dnatribes.com/dnatribes-digest-2013-02-01.pdf ▌ ▌ ▌

  19. After everything the “revolution” has not done for indigenous Egyptians, that is those that do not speak Arabic as a first language and consider themselves uniquely African, this is a real kick in the face by Scott. Rupert Murdock created the Fox News political party which is #1 with racists. All the same it’s disheartening that everyone in the world knows Egyptian iconography and that the Eurocentrics and Afrocentrics are so busy being willfully ignorant they’re just being intentionally indifferent to the struggle and inhumanity afforded to all those that are actually native to North East Africa.

  20. Rodger, why the focus on skin color? Yeah, it is the current “go-to” hot topic, but it is entertainment, a damn movie. Anything else relevant to puff upon… or on? Didn’t think so.

  21. God forbid we attempt to accurately portray history, good for Murdoch for resisting the idiocy gripping spineless Hollywood. Stop trying to inject blacks where there were none in some bizzare attempt to enforce retro active PC nonsense. Get over it.

  22. Egyptians fled across the Atlantic long before Columbus after being drove out by the Hittites. many American Indian burial grounds had coins with Egyptian writing and were laid out in the same degrees and angles as the Pyramids. American Indians are closer to the Egyptians than Arabs.

  23. Are all Egyptians white? Probably not but come on! Why aren’t they bitching about the fact that everyone speaks English in the movie (Gladiator too)? As far as historical inaccuracies go, this seems somewhat trivial. Then again, for these racist critics, race has got to be the top issue. This is just another example of how bad they want to control the narrative on this topic and therefore set their own agenda. Please guys, get over yourselves… it’s a movie.

  24. The time was Moses was cenuries (if not full millenia, I am not religious) before the Islamic conquest that brought the Arabs. So, while I am sure the real Pharaonic Egyptian were not as white as these gringos, I am also sure they were not as brown and swarthy as Akbar or Mohammed.

  25. Doesn’t matter whether or not they’re black, it’s his movie and he can cast whomever he wants to get the financial returns that he wants. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You may or may not notice that Foxnews has a certain image and generally appeals to conservatives/traditionalists who want to see things done in a certain way. I endorse his concept 100%.

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