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This is the end, my friend. The rape allegations and stories were bad enough. Even worse was the admission by Bill Cosby’s former assistant Frank Scotti that he was the bag man/wing man for Cosby’s girlfriends in the 1980s.

Now comes word via the Boston Globe that UMass Amherst has cut all ties with Cosby. Over the years, Cosby had been given both a master’s and a doctorate in education from the college. He was notably the honorary co-chairman of the school’s ongoing $300 million fund-raising campaign. Bill and Camille Cosby had donated several hundred thousand dollars to the school.

The UMass connection was set Cosby apart from everyone else in comedy and in showbiz. Education has been the underscore of his career. I cannot emphasize this enough. Parting with UMass must be killing Cosby. I have to say I feel bad for him now.

But it’s the silence that’s really killing him. Cosby’s insistence on shutting down, rolling over, and just taking these body blows is not doing him any favors. This is a tragic end for a beautiful career. For the school to end the association seems like the crushing blow, the final straw. That Cosby didn’t defend himself is chilling.

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  1. What I think is chilling and tragic is people like you making money off the scope that Cosby is actually guilty by reason of not defending himself. You seem to think because he does not verbalize that he is guilty and is, in your opinion by definition guilty, sure he may be but it still remains to be proven. I care about this as much as I do to who is being put on trail now and would we ever have a fair trail as much as to getting the proper answer for anything right or wrong. Stop flogging a dead horse.

  2. Punishment without a trial or a conviction is called a lynching. Even the 14 young women who testified against the condemned witches of Salem had to do so under Oath.

  3. Someday we will discover that Obama was an illegal alien and that his policies destroyed a once great nation- but let the good times roll and don’t get in the way of his adoring, tragically hip fans!

  4. I agree. But this was the foundation of his whole life. Of course now we see the whole thing was a sham. I can remember sitting by a record player listening to his records, laughing. And all the while he was doing these things. Unbelievable!

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