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All the really awful, commercial pop stars couldn’t save the really awful, commercial American Music Awards from a ratings disaster on Sunday night. The interminable display of greed and low class second tier tabloid fashion finished 16% down from last year’s ratings.

All the performers– none of which will now be allowed to perform on February’s Grammy show–were not enough to help beat shows like CBS’s “Madame Secretary” or “60 Minutes” and especially football on NBC. “The Good Wife” was a close second.

The ratings were pretty bad in total viewers– just 11.55 million– but the key demo stunk, too. Of that 11.5 mil, only 3.8 mil were between 18 and 49 years old. It must have been a big homework night.

Interesting that the TV audience smelled “crass” with these awards. Not a single real moment, everything is calculated and scripted. There are no actual musicians involved, either. The AMAs are the West World of music. On to the Grammys in February!

Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Live at American… by uploaderdisney

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