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Michelle Hurd is a terrific actress who’s appeared as a series regular on “Law & Order SVU,” “90210,” “Gossip Girl,” among other shows. She posted this on Facebook last night. I hesitated to re-post it without her permission, but the story has traveled now. It’s brave of her, like all the other women, to tell the story at all.

Here’s the post:


LOOK, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I can’t believe some of the things i’ve been reading, SO here is MY personal experience:
I did stand-in work on The Cosby show back in the day and YES, Bill Cosby was VERY inappropriate with me. It started innocently, lunch in his dressing room, daily, then onto weird acting exercises were he would move his hands up and down my body, (can’t believe I fell for that) I was instructed to NEVER tell anyone what we did together, (he said other actors would become jealous) and then fortunately, I dodged the ultimate bullet with him when he asked me to come to his house, take a shower so we could blow dry my hair and see what it looked like straightened. At that point my own red flags went off and I told him,
“No, I’ll just come to work tomorrow with my hair straightened”.
I then started to take notice and found another actress, a stand-in as well, and we started talking….. A LOT …. turns out he was doing the same thing to her, almost by the numbers, BUT, she did go to his house and because I will not name her, and it is her story to tell, all I’ll say is she awoke, after being drugged, vomited, and then Cosby told her there’s a cab waiting for you outside.

I have ABSOLUTELY no reason to lie or make up this up!
Anyone that knows me, knows that!

Now you have a first hand account of my experience with Mr. Cosby.

Off you go…


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  1. It’s hard, almost impossible for me to believe that some people instead of feeling betrayed by this man blame the women who have come out EN MASSE to tell what he did to them, something they had buried inside for years and for sure has been painful to remember. This man projected an image that was not true and cannot escape punishment, especially now when something he did is still within the statute of limitations, which shows a pattern of behaviour.
    And please, don’t make any comparisons to Heffner, his women know exactly why and what they are there for. These others were young, hopeful women who only wanted to make a career in a decent way and he took advantage of them.
    He is nothing more than a bastard, horny, creepy lying bastard that deserves a big punishment. And although I’m sorry for his wife and kids and whole family, that doesn’t exonerate him. Otherwise criminals of all kinds and terrorist should go free too because they also have families that most of the time know nothing about their actions.

  2. I’s hard, almost impossible for me to believe that some people, based on their sympathy for Cosby, instead of feeling betrayed by this man who projected a kind image, blame the women who had the courage to come out EN MASSE, to tell the world something hidden inside them that for sure has been extremely painful for years. This man CANNOT escape punishment, not now that something within the statute of limitations has come out.
    And please, don’t compare him to Heffner, his women know exactly what they are there for and have absolutely nothing in common with women trying to earn a living or have a career. Be sensitive, be honest, be wise, clever and don’t let sympathy get in the way of the truth. Open your eyes and look at things for what they really are. A dishonest, horny, creepy man trying to take advantage of women.

  3. its funny how a lot of men contest these women’s stories and some women.
    I see a straight up scum bag. he used the trust and respect these women had for him to lure them one by one by drugging them then doing god know what to them.
    I ask you, if these women were sleeping their way to the top he wouldn’t need a drug, it would be consenual. and because he was he who was (star makers and breakers of careers) these women knew if they came forward then nobody would believe them. america is too caught up on image and when all of this went down Dick head cosby was the next best thing to santa claus.
    I find it appalling that it took a male comedian to call Cosby on his shit and to get their stories out there. I am willing to bet if these woman knew he did this to so many others the stories would have come out sooner. Victims comforting other victims would be enough.
    I hope they throw this mentally disturbed pig under the jail and let him rot there.

  4. Like I said these are washed up actresses and I so sick of this old old news first of sweetie you need to learn the word where not were (then onto weird acting exercises were he would move his hands up and down my body,) Moving on next!!

  5. Pretty good story and completely believable.. this is show business and I can bet ..almost each and every powerful guy in this business, not only in US but across the globe take chances.. and those girls who wanted more and want a ladder to go up, always ready to pay.. i cannot see there is anything different here.. only different .. those white stand-up girls now thinking that they made mistake by sucking a black d*** .. and wanted to take some revenge.. it is not going to work.. then u have to bring down the whole show business .. because this is their business.. there is no priest there .. they are all horny guys and bunch of girls who has no caliber but ready use their god given assets ..

  6. Why are these women just now telling all of these stories about Bill Cosby. Will he be prosecuted for it after the fact. I realize sometimes we hold on to our stories because of shame, guilt etc. but why didn’t someone tell/share years ago when Bill Cosby was a active comedian, actress so many women wouldn’t have been victimized if in fact this is true. Let’s hope if any woman is going through this now with any man period he will be disclosed immediately. I believe their is some validity to the stories because they are many. I hope he repents and apologizes to all of these women and not continue to deny it so once and for all we can put this case to rest.

  7. Of course, women have no reason to lie. Oh please! All you ladies were just instructed by the same powers that shafted Paula Deen, OJ Simpson, and the Palestinians, to come out (of what I don’t know) to stop the very loved and respected Bill Cosby from launching his sure-to-win new comedy production on NBC. Oh yeah, the same people stopped Michael Jackson just before his sure-to-make-hundreds-of-millions World Tour in 2009.

  8. This is nothing abnormal in Hollywood, all of the older stars prey on the younger ones. It’s just most of the stories I read are the men preying on the young boys. However, Hollywood is a sick and twisted place ran by a bunch of super wealthy pedophiles and disgusting individuals. The truth one day will come out and all of these people you and your kids idolize will make you sick.

  9. I think Bill Cosby, is a PIG and it’s unfortunate that he was able to get away this for so long. It is highly unlikely each and every one of these woman are lying. Although the public now see him for who he is, it is small price to pay for those he has hurt!

  10. So she let Bill Cosby run his hands up and down her body. Then when he invited her to his house her red flags went off. lol. And later she went to work on SVU. Did any red flags go off there? lol Can I run my hands up and down your body if I promise not to invite you to my house?

  11. Are you kidding me? This language and post was found on a facebook page. This woman goes on facebook and writers this. Wow! I am now convinced Jon Gruber was totally correct about the Democratic voters. They really are that stupid to believe this nonsense.

  12. Ok folks keep this old wise tale in the back and front of your minds—“TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH”.— This is what all these women are doing to themselves with their accusations of allege rape against Bill Cosby. Now the more many come to the plate saying the same thing the more the doubt grows. Just think about it!

    The most of these women are saying they went to a hotel or a place to habitat in having sex. That is basically it. And guys and ladies we all know and see sometimes before sex that if a woman has a headache or cramps or even a abortion pill many of these women taken something freely and willingly. They also state that they were waken up groggy. Tell me of all these women which ones does not drink alcohol?

    Then me being a rapist I am going to put pajamas, a T-shirt on them. Does that sound like rapist? Then there is the black woman who went on TodayShow and spoke with Erica Hill and stated clearly that; “Bill Cosby did not rape her”. She was not defending him, she just said that he took her hand and put it between his legs. She snatched her hand back and push him to the floor in the hotel room. Cosby then told her to get out of his room then she left.

    The point here is you take each story and break it down which many have and what you come up with is that all these women freely and willingly had sex with Bill Cosby the rich comedian and hollywood star. Women want to put a spin on saying that; “He is so big in Hollywood that no cops, legal people or media would believe them”. THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!

    Sure you have powerful people that do have people cover up tragedies by all means necessary. Is it possible,—YES!l but for sure NOT LIKELY!

    These women know it is too late to file any criminal charges since it been 30 years or more for statued of limitations been expired. But by making an accusation like this and keeping it in the public eye for a while (for them a year or more) these women are looking for a class-action suit against Cosby to cash in on his billions, not millions but billions.

    But like any case criminal or civl one must have solid evidence, proof to substantiate their lies (I mean claims).

    Just as Janice Dickinson and the rest are opening their mouths this is good. Why? Because they are hanging themselves on every word that they are saying. They do not give a rats ass of destroying this man’s reputation, life and may not receive nothing financially. But if they are this cold, callas, bitchy then they will get what they deserve and would be men or women who truly rape them, dogged them out and leave all of them like they are at present—ALONE AND LONELY INSIDE. You do not blame a man or anyone for your bad life choices and insecurities.

    After this is all over if I were Bill Cosby I would call of these hoes out name by name with false charge by false charge on TV then sue them not for cash but for true principal of slander.

  13. Most of these young women at that time accepted pills ,sex or anything offered. In there mind they had to duck their way the ladder, Now it comes out, after they got what they wanted too. Why not just accuse all male directors, actors etc. After so many years and your old – put a lid on it,

  14. over the years, i have considered whether Cosby kept Lisa Bonet as his ‘underage/too young’ girlfriend. During the Cosby Show run, I remember how the entertainment media would focus in on her wild side, but somehow she would always be rewarded… with A Different World being the biggest gift given to her. considering how cosby was this legitimate husband, it seemed contrary. after all, he always talked up malcolm jamal warner as being a son to him, but lisa got her own show. it was only after her overt sexual display in that mickey rourke movie that she was fired. after that, her acting career just stalled.. and then died. lisa was a beautiful woman who could have remained more visibly active on television or commercials or some movies. did she get a payout from cosby to keep quiet? did cosby fire her because he was through with her because of jealousy or the age difference? I knew Bill liked the ladies. when he was on Leno or Letterman, he had brought a picture of his wife graduating with her phD. He remarked on how wonderful she was, and he kissed the photo. For anyone who isnt a cynical chauvinist, this would be a heart warming display of affection. for me, it was like when you buy the 2 dozen roses instead of the vase with 3 dying roses BECAUSE you know you messed up. its the kind of pompous act that leaves wives and girlfriends rolling their eyes and a little more bitter with hate.

  15. Why is it the pillars of the community that do these things? Priests, game show hosts (UK & USA), religious leaders, teachers, why is it ALWAYS those that we place our trust in?

    Even as a kid in Catholic school we knew not to be alone with the priest in his office, we always double teamed. If he tried to send one of us home we would both leave.

  16. its horrible dat all of a sudden these women saying all these things and then claiming they aint lying!!!
    git da fuck outta here!!
    if all this happen and we all know women cant keep a secret didnt they come out waaayyy back then??

  17. Thank you for stepping forward Michelle. I hope your post encourages more women to come forward, and maybe more importantly helps to cultivate an environment where someone isn’t abused a second time by coming forward.

  18. Women should take a lesson from Michelle Hurd! All the other women put there personal safety and morals aside in the face of a possible hand out in the way of industry help. Sometimes sleeping your way to the top ends up as a scary situation! I mean come on some of these women admit to taking a pill he offered without even knowing or asking what it did. All put themselves in either hotel rooms or his house alone knowing he was a married man. Then some even went back into situations alone with the man they claimed raped them. Cosby may be a scum bag rapist but the other shocking revelation here is the situations some women will put themselves into to get something for themselves. Michelle Hurd is proof that common sense could have saved some of these women from these alleged situations. Men are always persecuted for cheating and even manipulating women for sex but this situation shows the other side of the coin. None of these women deserved what happened to them but one has to ask why they waited. Trust me even if they believed the police wouldn’t believe them there were still rag magazines like the Globe that would have paid big money for this story even in the 70’s. None of this is to forget the fact that in the early 1970’s a white women coming forward against a black man even Bill Cosby would have been a lot easier then maybe 2005. It seems like maybe some of them held out for the favors that never came then got angry but by that time they knew the story would be hard to believe. Cosby should be in jail no doubt but lets not all turn a blind eye to some of the less then Nobel decisions made by these so called aspiring actresses. Hats off to Michelle Hurd!!!!

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