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UPDATE: just a little update…Mike was just about to shoot “Master Class” with Meryl Streep for HBO…and I can tell you exclusively that he and Diane had visited Steve Martin in San Diego at his musical with Edie Brickell called “Bright Star.” Steve wanted Mike to produce the show on Broadway. Mike would probably have been executive producer, putting his name above the title to entice ticket buyers…

Mike Nichols has died at age 83. I almost don’t know how to categorize him– brilliant director, comedian, person? He’s been such a big part of our lives for so long, and has given us so much in the way of smart entertainment. Director of The Graduate and The Birdcage on film, to begin with. Director of The Real Thing and Death of a Salesman on Broadway. Angels in America on TV for HBO. Husband of Diane Sawyer. Hilarious comedic partner of Elaine May. His health has been in question for the last several years. But there he was just a couple of weeks ago in the audience on opening night at the revival of The Real Thing. He was so enthusiastic and generous at intermission about the new cast and the new director. “They’ve really got it, don’t you think?” he said.

Mike won 9 Tony Awards, 1 Oscar and 1 Emmy, by the way.

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