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Sorry, I borrowed Nick Lowe’s famous album title from the late 70s. But “Four,” the new One Direction album, comes out this morning. Your teenager has already downloaded it. “Four” should be bigger than Taylor Swift’s “1989.” It’s a real pop album, produced with an adult sound for kids. It was a wise move. Do these guys write the songs or play instruments? It doesn’t matter.They have the right people, and they made a great pop record. I’m enjoying listening to it on Spotify this morning. Good for them!

The songs are short and to the point. They all have different co-writers. Teddy Geiger, who should be aa pop star himself, co wrote what will be a massive hit single called “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” Ed Sheeran co-wrote “18,” which we’ll be hearing constantly on pop radio. I particular liked “Fools Gold,” written by Maureen McDonald aka MoZella. (I guess Carole King would be called C-King if she were writing today.)

“Four” is produced by Julian Bunetta and John Ryan. They will think of this as their own “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” the U2 album that sounds like 12 hit singles. even in the song “Night Changes” with what sounds like a little tribute to David Bowie, they made lemonade from what could have been lemons. Crazy but true. Not kidding. Over 40, give it a spin. “Four” is fun.

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