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Hard times indeed: pop and R&B star Usher is having just as much trouble as everyone else in the music biz. He’s resorted to giving away a free download of a new song through a cereal box. If you buy a box of Honey Nut Cheerios you get a download code for a freebie on his song called “Clueless.” Now, it’s not just any box of Honey Nut Cheerios– they have to be at Walmart.

Meantime, the New York Knicks, who’ve two games and lost six so far this season, have put deep discounted tickets for several upcoming home games on Goldstar.com. The site sells tickets to lots of sports events, but these are priced low to fill empty seats in the upper regions of Madison Square Garden. Youll be sitting with the pigeons, but at least you’ll be in the house. The Knicks play a team called the Brooklyn Nets on December 2nd.

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