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“Selma,” the Ava Duvernay film about Martin Luther King’s world and life changing 1965 civil rights march, is ready to be seen. Duvernay mentioned on Twitter last night that the film was “locked” and would be screened in its entirety tomorrow– Tuesday– at the AFI Film Festival in Hollywood. Previously, AFI had announced a 30 minute preview of the film. But Duvernay decided to “mention” this in a Twitter exchange with executive producer Oprah Winfrey. Let’s hope the filmmakers let Paramount have a better marketing campaign when the time is right. “Selma” is scheduled for a limited run on Christmas week to qualify for the Oscars. The actual release is in mid January to coincide with the MLK birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Selma civil rights march. Everyone’s hoping for good things as this season has no other “important” movie with big ideas. David Oyelowo, one of the great younger actors anywhere, plays Dr. King.

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