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A while ago, I told you about  “Elvis and Nixon,” an imagining of the White House meeting between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon. Michael Shannon will play Elvis. Liza Johnson is set to direct. The update is that Kevin Spacey has signed on to play Nixon. Spacey is a master of impressions and probably does Nixon in his sleep. He and Shannon will be great together.

The screenplay is co-authored by actor Cary Elwes, brother of producer Cassian Elwes. Yes, Cary Elwes from “The Princess Bride.” Holly Wiersma and Logan Levy are producing with Cassian.

elvis and nixonThe story is true: Elvis had had a bad fight with his father on December 20, 1970 over spending. The folks in Memphis were trying to rein him in. So Elvis jumped in his truck and drove to Washington, surprising Nixon. (You could just knock on the White House door then.) The result is a famous photograph. It’s as if Amanda Bynes were more famous and decided to pay Obama a visit. Showbiz411.com didn’t cover this incident. I was in 7th grade.

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