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Anne Hathaway says she understood all the physics in her dialogue for “Interstellar” while she was shooting it. “And the minute it was over, poof!” she told me. “I swear I understood it while it was in my head. And then the movie was over and I was like, huh?” (She should talk to Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.” He retained it for a short time, too.)

Her mother, Kate Hathaway, becoming a very canny Broadway investor and producer these days, explained: “She sounds smart, so when she says all that on screen, you believe her.”

It’s true. Anne H and Jessica Chastain each are so poised and well spoken you really think they know what the heck is going on in “Interstellar.”  Me, I was convinced they shot in outer space. “If you believe that,” Anne– glowing, lovely as usual– told me last night at the film’s premiere– “then we’ve done our job!”

No sign of Matthew McConaughey at the swanky party for  “Interstellar” last night at Tavern on the Green. He’s got his Oscar now, so MM did the red carpet at the IMAX Theater, and then found greener spaces. Maybe he found a bar to play the bongo’s in. It didn’t matter. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain rose to the occasion. If these two ladies (and Jennifer Lawrence) are the future for Hollywood, we are in good hands.

Even though they have no scenes together in “Interstellar,” Paramount’s three hour space opera opening this week, the actresses were their usual gracious, friendly, and funny at the new stripped down Tavern. Hathaway was accompanied by her still newish and terrific husband Adam Shulman, her family, his family, and her friends from Vassar. Chastain had her own posse. They mixed and mingled with everyone all night.

(MM? “He has to do early morning TV.” He follows Denzel Washington into the new category of “the studio is throwing a really expensive great party for, people are expecting to see me, and I’m not going.”  Okay.)

Chastain has some buzz for a supporting nomination in Christopher Nolan’s epic. Hathaway should, too. Nolan was very wise to choose them, as well as some others who will go unnamed (I’m  told I’m ruining the surprise). “Interstellar” will sweep all tech awards this winter for its look and special effects. Nolan’s achievements may bring him accolades from the  DGA, etc. “Interstellar” is great entertainment and smart at the same time.


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