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Prince got a little bit of a bounce saleswise from his “SNL” appearance on Saturday night. His own album “Art Official Age” is up to 16 on iTunes. The album with 3rdEyeGirl, “Plectrumelectrum” is at 35. On amazon, they’re 29 and 49 respectively. The ratings for the Chris Rock-Prince combo were very good– 4.9 in the key demo. Interesting, too, because there was heavy use of the black SNL players, black skits, and they were a welcome change.

I was lucky enough to be at the earlier dress rehearsal show, and you could feel the electricity in the room when Prince took the stage. He played 3 songs from the new albums, no discernible classic hits, and didn’t take a bow with Chris Rock and the cast at the end of the show– or on the live show. (Rock was hilarious.)

Cool audience member: Julia Sweeney, (still) cherubic former “SNL” star, with her husband and daughter. “I thought I’d show them what it was like,” she said, as if bringing them back to the old neighborhood. On Friday she’d been on the Today show for Halloween as her “It’s Pat” character.

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