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Taylor Swift has partied all week like it’s 1989. The result is that she will likely have sold 1.3 million copies of her “1989” album when the official count begins on Monday.

You can’t say she didn’t work hard. Her media appearances have been endless. So have the commercial tie ins with Clear Channel, er, I Heart Music Radio. She’s been all over “Good Morning America.” And to much consternation she appointed herself tourist ambassador to New York.

No act has sold a million albums this year at all. No one. Nada. That’s how bad things are. Last week’s total for the top 50 was 1.1 million unit. So Swift will actually outsell the entire total top 50 in one fell swoop. Pretty impressive.

Of course, what it is that she’s selling is another story altogether. Almost all of “1989” is a product of Max Martin and Shellback. Swift wrote only one song by herself, and it sounds like the songs she used to sing before turning into a product. But hey, you know, she could always return to that. With Martin, she’s singing anthemic commercials. They’re like Snapchat pictures– they evaporate in 30 seconds.

Does it matter? Nah. Just shake it off!

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