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Marvin Gaye’s family got the go ahead to proceed to a trial over “Blurred Lines.” The judge, named Kronstadt, rhymes with Ronstadt, made the ruling against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. The Gaye family says they nicked “Got to Give It Up” to make their song. Practically anyone who’s heard both songs knows the story. But Thicke and Williams will fight it to the end. Thicke has nicked a lot of Marvin Gaye songs over the years including “Trouble Man” (paid for a license for his “Million Dolla Baby”) and “Love After War,” which is also named in the suit. That song rips off Gaye’s “After the Dance.” Thicke should be explaining some of his other songs, too. His “Cloud 9” rips off the lyrics of the 1969 Temptations hit, for example. It just goes on and on. What is with this guy?

Two out of three major musicologists cited all kinds of similarities between Thicke’s songs and Gaye’s, as you can read here.

Here’s the judge’s ruling:

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