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Taylor Swift, here to save the record business. Her new album, “1989,” is on track to sell 1 million copies this week. That would make “1989” the only million seller of 2014. It would also mean that the album will sell more copies than the total top 50 sold last week. Even with strong debuts today by Slipknot, Neil Diamond, and Aretha Franklin, the top 50 albums sold on CD or digital download came in just under 1 million total. That’s the state of the business now, with Spotify and other streaming services outstripping actual sales now by huge numbers. If all boats rise with Swift’s success, next Tuesday could be a very happy day in music land. Inaddition to lots of other bad news, U2 sold only 12,055 copies in its second week for “Songs of Innocence.” That kind of sale wouldn’t pay for a pair of Bono’s glasses, let alone The Edge’s Malibu complex of homes.

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