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Hi ho! “The Lone Ranger” disaster wasn’t enough to stop Gore Verbinski from directing another movie. Word has it that he will shoot a new feature next winter called “Gregory the Nuisance.” The star is supposed to be Steve Carell, and the producer is Arnon Milchan. Carell, if he goes through with this, will be just fresh from the Oscars and a likely nomination for “Foxcatcher.” Verbinski is recovering from “Lone Ranger” and 35
“Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Adam Merims, whose credits include Lee Daniels’ “The Butler,” is going to be executive producer. “Gregory” will shoot partially in Serbia, but is set in North Korea, where Carell’s title character goes as a filmmaker. I guess North Korea is now the setting for a lot of comedies. Can Gore Verbinski make a comedy?  That’s funny? This remains to be seen. Anyway, I just pass along the news. If something changes, let me know. But this does seem like it’s happening. An LLC for this production was set up last March according to public records. It might be good for Korean actors. You never know.

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