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OMFG as they say on the interweb. Lena Dunham, the clever, heavily tattoed semi-annoying creator of “Girls”has fallen into some kind of social network endorsement thing for Taylor Swift’s new album.

The album, 1989, comes out this morning on iTunes and heads straight to number 1 for a long run there. Two of its songs are co-written by Dunham’s boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, of the group fun– that is, .fun.

So along comes Dunham now on Instagram, frolicking with merchandise maven Swift who claims in the song “Welcome to New York” to be overawed by living in a $20 million loft in Tribeca. She is crazy like a fox. Taylor has also conscripted teen pop sensation Lorde to send out Instagram photos of the two of them together. Lorde writes: “OMG 1989 IS OUT WHAT A DAY. so proud of my sista. my favourite is style (and also blank space) (and also all of them).”

Lorde plus Lena Dunham, on top of Taylor Swift’s own following, means “1989” is going to be a Monsta of an album. Did Swif convince them to do this for free? If so, Taylor Swift could be president in 11 years at this rate. Right now she should be sent to North Korea, Ukraine, and a few other places to smooth out some deals.



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