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Topher Grace is a puzzlement. Maybe he made a lot of money from “That 70s Show” on Fox; it was a long run. He does take odd projects now. His new one seems to be starring in and executive producing a low budget ($2 mil) musical for film.

The movie is called “One Shot,” and it’s set, I am told, to begin shooting in late November in Mexico City. Topher plays a failed Broadway star who now stage manages shows. His former girlfriend is the star of his new show, and he wants to get back with her. Many musical numbers, fantasy and real, take place. Greg Kinnear makes a cameo appearance.

An outfit called Dark Factory is the producer. Isaac Lentz, who comes from music videos and commercials, is the director. No one involved has anything to do with Broadway.

Hey. bueno suerte! Break a leg!

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