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What came first? Taylor Swift or her record label, called Big Machine? Because Swift, who’s still under 25, has become a Big Machine. Her new album, titled “1989” because that’s the year of her birth, comes out on October 27th. She’s already released two pop anthems constructed for mass acceptance.

Now a third one comes tomorrow. “Welcome to New York” is written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic  (with Taylor of course). The lead single, “Shake it Off,” was a Max Martin special and a  big hit. The second one, “Out of the Woods,” not so much, but interesting, written with Jack Antonoff. “1989” is going to be BIG– like 750,000 copies first week.

The Taylor Swift who wrote personal country songs is gone. We are now dealing with product. I’m not criticizing. She is fascinating. And more calculated than Lady Gaga. Taylor is headed to movies and Broadway, and even bigger things like that if they exist.

Here’s the preview, bland but so catchy, like a commercial.

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