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Fan boys (and girls) are no doubt thrilled that another “X Men” movie is gearing up for shooting in Montreal. So far, various sites have supposed that the title is “X Men: Apocalypse.” But a new casting call indicates the the title as “X Men: Akkaba.” And that could mean trouble for Wolverine and friends.

According to my (albeit limited) research, Akkaba refers to the Clan of Akkaba, a group of mutant villains who would be the X Men’s worst nightmare. Apocalypse is their leader (I think). They got their start in Marvel version of world history, Egypt 3000 BC.

“X Men: Akkaba” also seems like it will be looking for a new, younger demographic as they search for three 18 year old actors to play 16. Their names are Ava, Dylan, and Sabrina.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube describing some of this history. Look, I will tell you now I know nothing about the intricacies of X Men. So kindly – and I do mean kindly– please send in explanations. I’ll be happy to post them if they’re thoughtful and well expressed.

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