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One of the smartest and nicest people descended from Hollywood royalty is Anjelica Huston. The Oscar winning daughter of famed director John Huston, granddaughter of legendary Walter Huston, gives Hollywood a good name.

But what a wild ride she’s had! November 11th brings part 2 of her memoir, this one called “Watch Me.” Everything you always wanted to know is here, from her nearly 40 year on and off romance and friendship with Jack Nicholson, to her tumultuous live in stay with Ryan O’Neal.

There’s also the whole episode of Roman Polanski’s rape arrest in 1977. Did you know that Huston was handcuffed and arrested with Polanski because she was staying in Nicholson’s house at the time? On a search warrant, LAPD found a little bit of marijuana and a gram of coke. But Huston hadn’t seen anything directly between Polanski and the 13 year old girl (revealed in her own book as Samantha Geimer). She was released.

Readers will be more interested in how Anjelica learned that long time love Nicholson was having a baby with young Rebecca Broussard. (He had two kids with her, now each in their 20s.) The saga of her violent break up with O’Neal is heart-stopping.

The book should be called “Read Me.” Already pre-orders are churning. More on “Watch Me” and this brilliant lady in days to come…


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