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Lou Reed was alive for a long time, and very eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll of Fame considering his huge, influential album “Transformer” came out in 1972. But now, in typical fashion, the Hall of Shame has finally gotten around to him two weeks shy of the first anniversary of his death. He’s been put up for possible induction into the much devalued organization with a new group.

The good news is that Sting, eligible for several years, is also on the list. So are holdovers the Marvelettes– waiting since the day the Hall opened in 1988, just like the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Chic featuring Nile Rodgers is up again. Despite a half dozen gigantic hits, they’ve never made it. Nile Rodgers was now responsible for the guitar lines on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” so maybe a new generation will vote him in.

Also left over: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Wait? They’ve never been in before? Yikes. Bill Withers? He’s really R&B but we love him. Same for WAR. Why can’t we be friends? The Spinners? Well, again, the Hall has waited until the two lead singers are in the ground. Same with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Kraftwerk? They have their fans, but they aren’t rock and roll. It all sounds like “Autobahn” to me.

Also up is Green Day, the one “modern” group I’d vote in simply because “American Idiot” has become a Broadway musical staple. But Nine Inch Nails? Are you kidding? The Smiths? Ha ha. NWA? EEEEEeiiiiiii.

Again, no sign of Chubby Checker, Chicago, The Moody Blues, Carly Simon, Billy Preston, Mary Wells, Todd Rundgren, and so on.

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