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“Gone Girl” was almost really gone from number 1 this afternoon. The David Fincher directed movie of Gillian Flynn’s novel was revised down to $37,513,109. “Annabelle,” the horror film at number 2, did $37,134,255. That’s a difference of $375K and change. The Fincher movie was expected to a lot better and the horror film was not thought to be so high. But “Gone Girl” is not getting great word of mouth, and the book’s fans didn’t turn out for it the way producers had hoped. Even the threat (or promise) of seeing Ben Affleck’s private parts didn’t spur on audience members. And so much for all the box office predictions on certain blogs. These things can change on a dime!

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  1. You wanted this movie to fail. That was the setup you made in your previous article. And even if by a noselength, it was the number one movie. Plan up in smoke. And bad word of mouth? It has an 8.6 out of 10 on IMDB. So that’s really bad…. NOT.

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