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The Grammy nominating committees have just finished their meetings in Los Angeles. According to Hitsdailydouble.com, there were plenty of contentious exchanges. Last year, the Grammys screwed up completely by ignoring the best selling album of the year, Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. But who knows? There have too many weird snubs over the years.

And too many times when the winners have been embarrassing. What can you do? Just think that the insufferable Christoper Cross won Best Album, Song, Record and New Artist in 1981. He beat the Pretenders!

Paul Grein has a whole explanation on hitsdailydouble.com of what’s eligible and likely to be nominated. Pharrell William’s “Happy” won’t qualify, he says, because it was entered in 2013 as part of the “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack. But “Happy” itself wasn’t released until November 23, 2013–well into the current season. “Happy” was the song and record of the year, without a doubt. To snub it now is a big mistake.

Also eligible for Record of the Year, and R&B Record of the Year: Aretha Franklin’s “Rolling in the Deep.” It made the September 30th cut off.

Other Records of the Year should include: The Monster (Rihanna and Eminem); All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor); Stay with Me (Sam Smith); Drunk in Love (Jay Z and Beyonce).

Then there’s Album of the Year. Beyonce will be in, slam dunk on the “surprise” album. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga? U2? Aretha. All strong, Pharrell again, although the “GIRL” album is not as good as “Happy.” Eminem? Maybe. The Black Keys “Turn Blue.” Why not? Their “Fever” should be a Best Song/Best Record nominee. And don’t forget Paul McCartney’s “New” album. Last year the Grammys ignored Elton John’s award-level “The Diving Board.” They want “young.” But this was the year music buyer returned to classic, talented performers. Look at how well Barbra Streisand’s doing.


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  1. Is Bab’s record still number 1? It is not so uncommon for a singer as BIG as Bab’s to have a new number seller right out the gate. Staying there for a period of time is the true measure. Madonna last CD came out big at number 1 but 2 days later it sank. I wish CHER had gone the rocker way with her last CD. The dance stuff isn’t good at that ripe age. Rocker Melissa Etheridge has a new CD with a great single “Monster”. CHER could have done something along that route and been excepted by rock enthusiasts like myself. It would aghve been more true to who she is. I think it would have been a much, much better CD then what she went with which was crap. Dated old material that sounds like stuff not put on Believe back in 1998. To bad for true CHER fan’s. I doubt she will release new material again…..

  2. Either they have changed the rules or there is something strange going on.

    Paul Simon won the Album of the Year in 1987 for Graceland and Record of the Year in 1988 for the track Graceland. Obviously, the later award was based on the release date of the Graceland single.

    In October of 2000, U2 released the album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and the single from the album, “Beautiful Day”, also released in October 2000, won Record of the Year at the 2001 Grammy Awards. A year later, “Walk On”, which was from the same album and released as a single in February 2001, won Record of the Year at the 2002 awards (note that the cutoff was the end of October at that time).

    In BOTH cases, the Record of the Year was a track on an album that had been released in the PREVIOUS YEAR OF ELIGIBILITY.

    So, what is the big problem with “Happy”?

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