Home business Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Are Number 1, Beating Chesney and Streisand

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are number 1 with their “Cheek to Cheek” album. The pair finished first in a close three way race with Kenny Chesney at number 2 and Barbra Streisand at number 3. Bennett-Gaga sold 131,000 albums. Chesney had 129,000 and Streisand a very solid 128,000. Streisand’s “Partners” album has been a huge hit with legs to carry it on. She dropped only 35% from last week, the smallest drop for a number 1 album in eons. Marty Erlichman must be doing handstands. Jennifer Hudson’s “JHUD” did less well, with 22,000 copies in its first week. “JHUD” needs a break out single. There are few possible ones on the CD, which is excellent. Radio, tune in please.

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