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You may have heard: George Clooney got married today in Venice. He married beautiful lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and congratulations to them both.

The star studded wedding seems not to have included Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tabloids insisted all summer that Brad would be best man. That honor likely went to either George’s dad, Nick, or best friend Grant Heslov. Also MIA was producer Jerry Weintraub and some of the other “Ocean’s” movie cast mates as well as Sandra Bullock. Maybe they’ll turn up later in photos.

Brad and Angelina are filming “By the Sea” in nearby Malta, an island off the coast of Italy. Pitt has appeared in four movies with Clooney. Sandra Bullock, Clooney’s acting partner in “Gravity,” is shooting a film in the U.S.

Guests ranged from real Clooney friends like actor Richard Kind and Matt Damon to business associates like CAA agent Bryan Lourd, Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine and Stefano Tonchi of W Magazine.

Celebrities included Bono, Bill Murray, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber. Will Bono sing at the reception? I just hope he makes a toast and someone records it. No one gives a speech like Bono.

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  1. Or maybe Brad and Angelina were a little jealous of cutie pie Georgie and his new cute little bride. They are so cute. Would love to see her dress………

  2. Who cares! This is exactly the reason they probably were not there. They understand the sacredness of the day and chose not to give the media any opportunity to take away from the bride and grooms special moments by focusing on them. Class act the two of them are. They realized the most important people in the bride and grooms life would be there to celebrate their special day.

  3. Wait–“real Clooney friends”?? Sandra Bullock and Clooney are very close friends, but she can’t stop shooting because of his wedding. Neither can Brad and Angelina. Geesh, talk about shite-starting.

  4. This makes it obvious as to who wears the pants in this relationship, which we already knew. I’d say Angie did not wish to attend his wedding since George had also invited Jen.

  5. Angelina would have worn a white dress slit up to her hip (anything to upstage the bride), brought some of
    her collection of children, and Brad would have come with his hair, unwashed, greasy, and uncombed. Sometimes you don’t invite every single person you know.

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