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Go figure. Barbra Streisand and Marty Ehrlichman must be bathing in Dom Perignon tonight. “Partners” debuts at number 1 on the album charts with just under 200,000 copies sold. It’s Barbra’s biggest debut ever, beating her 2009 album “Love is the Answer” which sold 180,000. Wow. If
“Partners” hits the sweet spot and sells through Christmas, Streisand may go platinum.

“Partners” exceeded all expectations. Over at Hits, they had it at 170-180K. Who knew? Bubbeleh!

As I wrote the other day, Streisand is now the only artist ever to have number 1 albums in six decades. And all on the same label– Columbia.

Considering the album got so-so reviews, something really went right here. Jimmy Fallon was a big part of it, but a lot had to do with Streisand’s duet picks– Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Josh Groban, Michael Buble– and timing is everything. People are sick of pre-fabricated music. Streisand is the real thing.

What does this mean for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga? Good things. Their “Cheek to Cheek” came out yesterday and is already number 1 on amazon and in the top 5 on iTunes. With the right push, it should follow Streisand. Aretha Franklin will come right after Tony and Stefani, and do the same thing. We’re in a pocket where fans want the genuine artifact. Let it rip!

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