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UPDATE: I am advised that Audra is considering this project but that an announcement of her participation is extremely premature.

EARLIER: Why do people pick some projects? It’s always a mystery. But now multiple Tony Award winner Audra McDonald will move from her triumph on Broadway to an odd movie. McDonald wraps up “Lady Day at the Emerson Grill” soon playing Billie Holiday. She’ll star in a film version of a musical called “Hello Again” that’s basically about sexual trysts set over several generations.

“Hello Again” is written by Michael John LaChuisa, based on “La Ronde” by Arthur Schnitzler. It’s never been on Broadway, but as it’s been performed around New York, Ben Brantley has dubbed the music “sub-Sondheim.” The YouTube clips aren’t too promising. But one thing about “Hello Again” is that it’s often staged just with a bed, and the actors simulating various acts as they sing very light opera.

The director is Tom Gustafson, whose main credits are as background casting director on many big studio films including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Batman Begins.” Screenplay is by Cory Krueckeberg, Gustafson’s partner on many projects.

Actors are being advised in some casting notices that the sex stuff will be pretty vivid. The movie is billed as Low Budget, but they want Big Names.

Here’s the breakdown of scenes from the musical:
Scenes and musical numbers

The Whore and The Soldier – Hello Again
The Soldier and The Nurse – Zei Gezent / I Gotta Little Time / We Kiss
The Nurse and The College Boy – In Some Other Life
The College Boy and The Young Wife – Story of My Life
The Young Wife and The Husband – At the Prom / Ah Maein Zeit / Tom
The Husband and The Young Thing – Listen to the Music
The Young Thing and The Writer – Montage / Safe / The One I Love
The Writer and The Actress – Silent Movie
The Actress and The Senator – Rock With Rock / Angel of Mercy / Mistress of the Senator
The Senator and The Whore – The Bed Was Not My Own / Hello Again (Reprise)

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