UPDATE CBS says they get it. No song.

EARLIER Rihanna shows her usual class and style this morning. She Tweeted Fuck You to CBS. You see this is why Twitter is maybe not the best forum for some celebrities. Anyway. I guess CBS is now going to run the Rihanna segment they cancelled from last week before Thursday night’s NFL game. Last week the network pulled Rihanna singing “Run this Town” with Jay Z because the NFL was in the middle of the Ray Rice scandal — the one with him knocking out his wife in an elevator and then dragging her unconscious body out of it. Since Rihanna was once the victim of domestic abuse (Chris Brown), CBS though thought they were being sensitive. But now it’s okay since, you know, memories are short.

And this is the contemplative response of a woman who’s maybe been spending too much time with Eminem. This will be yet another funny anecdote for Rihanna’s 2025 Kennedy Center induction.

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