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The Hollywood Reporter refuses to credit this site for any stories. But I will ignore that this time. Eriq Gardner has gotten a copy of Robin Thicke‘s deposition in his Marvin Gaye copyright case. It’s devastating. For one thing, Thicke sounds either drunk or high during the deposition. He admits that he was stoned for every interview gave in 2013.

He also admits: “After making six albums that I wrote and produced myself, the biggest hit of my career was written and produced by somebody else and I was jealous and wanted some of the credit.”

“Blurred Lines” was in fact written by Pharrell Williams. Thicke wasn’t even in the room when it was being done. He lied through every interview he ever gave on the subject. Now it all comes out. He admits to Marvin Gaye being his hero, to owning Gaye’s greatest hits, “What’s Going On” and most interestingly, “Here My Dear,” the album Gaye wrote about his divorce from Anna Gordy.

“Blurred Lines,” says Marvin Gaye’s heirs, is a rip off of “Got to Give it Up.” I think they’re right. Indeed, I’ve found many Robin Thicke songs that are knock offs of Marvin Gaye’s work.

Thicke says of Pharrell: “He made it [Blurred Lines] without me. I was lucky to be in the room.”

Thicke told the lawyer in this deposition that basically he’s a liar, and lies a lot.

Question: “Do you pick and choose when to tell the truth?”

Answer: “Absolutely. That’s why my wife left me.”

Thicke says in the interview that he’s been sober for two months, but that his sobriety extends just to Vicodin. He’s still drinking but he says he’s not drunk in the deposition.

Mostly this is a sad story about an idiot who was raised in Hollywood and should have known better. About a lot of things. He now comes off as pathetic. Without Pharrell, Thicke’s current album stinks. With Pharrell, he managed to rip off Marvin Gaye. All he had to do was get a license for “Got to Give It Up” and say the song was sampled. Instead, he invented a story about how “Blurred Lines” was written. The whole thing has snowballed into a disaster.


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