Home Celebrity Paris Jackson is NOT Pregnant But So- Called “Media” Are Idiots

Paris Jackson is not pregnant. I am assured of this by Jackson family sources. But really– look around the internet. Not only have idiot bloggers written this. There are “video” reports from stand up clowns speculating about Paris’s pregnancy. A 16 year old toasts with water, and this must mean she’s pregnant. The angle of a telephoto lens is bad, and she must have a baby bump. The internet is now just a sludge fest at this point. Is there really an economy for this crap? If you search for Paris on Yahoo! you’ll see some nitwit young woman in a video from Webpro News– what is this thing? — questioning “Is Paris Jackson pregnant?” Someone else “wrote” the story. Utterly idiotic and ridiculous. Get jobs, ladies. Go to school. Join the Peace Corps. for god’s sake!

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  1. Again turns out it was a total “LIE” towards the Jackson’s!! And the media took the news & ran with it WITHOUT any fact/proof checking to back it up before releasing it. Again the “MEDIA AT IT’S WORST” feeding the public “LIES”!! Just goes to show (proof) MJ was always innocent, the media crucified him with there lies!! Luv’d how MJ quoted to those who spread lies: “Whatever happened to the truth, did it go out of style”??

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