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One Direction is a boy band that you probably don’t care about. But this morning they announced their new release, the cleverly titled “Four.” Meaning it’s their fourth album. The single is called “Fireproof.” Here it is:


Catchy, huh? It’s good top 40. “Fireproof” has five listed authors. The first two are the most important: group members Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Are they the Lennon and McCartney of One Direction? We’ll see. But it is interesting that the group is now having songs written by members since in concert none of them play instruments — except Niall Horan, who sports a guitar for some songs.

The record business is in big trouble right now– the lowest sales numbers ever are being posted on the CD and digital download charts. The higher “sales” are for streaming and not owning the music. One Direction’s new release, set for November 17th, may tell the future of music sales as we know them.

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