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At last! It does seem like Doug Liman’s “Edge of Tomorrow” stumbled over the $100 mil mark domestically sometime over the weekend. This is Tom Cruise’s first non “Mission Impossible” $100 mil movie in nine years. To get there, Warner Bros. was persistent– “Edge” was just in 89 theaters this week, most of them in places no one’s ever heard of.

But it doesn’t matter. All anyone will see when the ink is dry is that Tom hit $100 million after a long, very dry spell.

Now the video comes in October with a different name emblazoned on it– “Live Free or Die” or something like that. Whatever. Maybe now the video box will feature “Edge of Tomorrow” more prominently.

“Edge” is a smart, well made movie. and not the usual Cruise-is-here-to-save-the-world stuff.

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  1. yes totally agree terrific film and funny and hit $100 million!!
    well done cruise and crew,really was a great damn movie! wish I saw it again… and again
    Can not understand the warner bros disaster of marketing and timing and bad trailers except for the very last one!
    I will apply for a job there!

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