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David James, the famed photographer who took Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding photos, tells me he did the job for free. James called me this afternoon from the set of “Star Wars 7,” where he’s the stills photographer. James doesn’t usually shoot weddings. But he knew Brad and Angelina from “Unbroken,” Jolie’s coming film with a lot of Oscar buzz.

How much notice did he have? “About two weeks,” he told me. And he really worked at the wedding. Even though there were only 22 guests, James and his staff stayed busy the whole time. “We were treated very well,” he assured me, but he was not a guest. He didn’t talk to the guests and didn’t know who they were really. But he did work for free, knowing the money for the pictures would go to charity.

To that end, this afternoon Brad and Angie announced all the money from the sale of the pix– upwards of $10 mil– will go to their Jolie Pitt Foundation. As I predicted. They are very good at distributing funds to charitable orgs. It’s a win win.

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